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Welcome to the SuperHuman Society,

where we explore worldbuilding for a superhuman future.



1. Fostering Interdisciplinary Collaboration: At the heart of the SuperHuman Society lies our commitment to provide a platform where diverse minds from various fields can unite. We seek to bring together scientists, philosophers, artists, technologists, and more, all contributing their unique perspectives to address both the opportunities and challenges posed by AI and other emergent technologies.

2. Incubating Community-Powered Projects: Central to the SuperHuman Society's mission is to catalyze and nurture projects that spring from the community itself. We are committed to providing support, resources, and a nurturing environment for initiatives driven by our members' passions and insights. By fostering these community-powered projects, we strive to create tangible solutions and innovations that embody our SuperHuman ideals.

2. Promoting Inclusive Conversations: We believe that envisioning the future of humanity is a shared responsibility that goes beyond exclusive networks. The SuperHuman Society is dedicated to engaging people from diverse backgrounds and geographical locations, encouraging an inclusive, global conversation about our SuperHuman future.

3. Serving as a Living Laboratory: Embodying the ideals of SuperHumanism, the SuperHuman Society itself is an active testing ground. We are dedicated to experimenting with and implementing practices that align with our SuperHuman vision, translating ideology into action, and making tangible strides toward our shared future.




The HumaneAI Standard Initiative explores the vision of creating a Humane AI standard and certification to provide guidance and information to consumers. 



SuperHuman Gazette

This publication is envisioned to be a dedicated space for

...ideating the specifics of a superhuman future

...exploring the potential risks of AI and other new technologies

...delving into technological and social solutions

...voicing philosophical inquiries 

...spotlighting opinions and ideas from various fields and backgrounds



Monthly AI Salons | San Francisco

Each salon will concentrate on a wicked challenge confronting humanity, delving into the profound implications of AI and other cutting-edge technologies.

Unlocked |October 4-9, 2024 | Jamaica 

Invite-only Leadership Retreat

Superhuman Society membership is open to all.

Please reach out if you want to join our events or contribute to our projects.

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